Myopia Control

SHEHKAR EYE banner Myopia / near sightedness has become very common in school going children’s. In metro cities more than 30% children in a school are wearing glasses to see clearly what’s written on the board. Some of them realize that they can not see properly on blackboard when they have to site at last bench, they think that other children’s are also not able to see it, they do not realize that they are nearsighted, until they are asked by school teachers to get their eye examined.

Now parents take them to an eye doctor who prescribes them spectacles and ask them to examine regularly after 6 months to one year. Every time they go for eye exam number is increased. When they ask doctor what preventive measures they should take so that number will stop increasing or go away, doctor has no answer. They are told or know from here and there that carrot juice is good for eyes, green vegetables are good for eyes, so now this parents religiously force their kids to drink carrot juice everyday till child or parent get fed up or child get nausea about carrot. Next year number is increased as usual. No doubt that carrot and green vegetables are good for eyes as it contains essential vitamins required for eyes health but it do not stop progression of myopia.

Nobody likes to wear glasses and dependency on it all the time. It produces social and psychological issues as well, along with fear of loosing eyesight due to high myopia (more than -3.00 Diopter) complications like retinal detachment and open angle glaucoma. More sunlight exposure, maximum out door activities, no continuous close work, taking intermittent break while doing close work, bright light living & working environment, less activities on mobile phone, tablet, Laptop, PC are advice to control myopia progression. Children’s like chocolates and they should be given more chocolates as it contains cocoa that is good for strengthening sclera and intern putting break on myopia progression, they can always brush their teeth after eating chocolate for dental health.

Early visit to myopia control clinic and following the treatment and advice will make sure that less progression of myopia happens in known cases where both parents are wearing spectacle. Specially customized contact lenses, specially formulated eye drops and special eye exercises in special lighting conditions can put a break on myopia progression
Early detection and early treatment can certainly prevent myopia progression.


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