3D Custom Made Artificial Eyes
Shekhar Eye Ocular Prosthesis Services offering world class custom – made ocular prosthesis with American technology for patients who has lost their eyes but deserve to live a better life with confidence. A better future for people with disfigured eyes. High – density medical grade PMMA & non-toxic dry pigments are used for cosmetics along with woolen threads to simulate blood vessels.



HDMG PMMA has high impact resistance to breakage. The material can be scratched or damaged if dropped or scraped on hard, rough surfaces. The material can be resurfaced, buffed and polished to remove minor scratches, etc. Pigments are chemically bonded and cured to assure integrity of prosthesis color.


Acrylic materials (HDMG PMMA) is tinted, molded and cured under pressure and temperature to provide a long-lasting, durable prosthesis (material may age and crystallize in about 5 to 10 Years). Artwork is painted using liquid acrylic (non-toxic) mixed with dry pigments (non-toxic) to match the companion eye. Scleral veining and pigmentation also are matched to other eye. All color and veining is chemically cured and bonded to insure permanent, lasting color.

Fitting Schedule

Fitting requires three visits at the center to deliver the finished prosthesis (time varies with the type of prosthesis, the patient’s orbital and socket condition and appearance). That is spread over three days. First day eye socket impression is taken in alginate material, its non painful procedure, wax mold is made out of this impression and it is sculpted to fit the socket.

Second day iris color and scleral shades are painted and matched with the fellow eyes. Third day prosthesis is ready to wear. If any unsatisfactory out come may result in more days of work. Usually the patient wears the prosthesis home in about three days.Thin prosthesis that is called Scleral cosmetic shells may require additional time.A follow up appointments will be scheduled to make adjustment that may be required as the eye socket adjusts to the new prosthesis. This is usually scheduled 3 to 5 weeks after the fitting of the prosthesis. This follow up appointment is also intended to assure satisfactory comfort and appearance.

Fitting Techniques

Alginate Impression Method :
Alginate material is a non-toxic, non-allergic molding material that is injected into the eye socket to form a model of the size and shape necessary for the prosthesis. This material solidifies to the consistency of the white of a boiled egg. The procedure is painless.

Wax Modeling:
Using the alginate impression wax model is made and sculpted to determine the required size and shape of the prosthesis.Lid opening and closing as well as prosthesis movement and lid height are evaluated and determined as the size and shape of the model is established. The most practical method shall be determined as the Ocularist evaluates each patient.

Care And Maintenance

  • Use body soap and plenty of water for cleaning
  • You can also use Flexi lens GP MPS Contact Lens Wetting Solution for cleaning
  • Use Saline Solution or eyewash for rinsing and cleaning the eye socket
  • Use I-lube eye drops or Irisole eye drops or any tear substitute, as a daily comfort drop. Usually 1 drop in AM AND 1 drop early PM
  • Conditions unique to the patient may require as much as daily removal and cleaning
  • Frequency of eye removal and cleaning varies with each patient. Under Ideal circumstances monthly cleaning is sufficient
  • Foreign bodies, wind and dust can cause discomfort and require additional cleaning

The eye socket is just as susceptible to infections, allergies, etc. as before surgery. In such cases, the services of a physician may be required and will be the patient’s responsibility. Further instructions including removal and insertion of the prosthesis are explained and demonstrated at time of fitting.


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